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Renewing Energies a Free Meditation

This is a meditation for Renewing Energy . A Guided Meditation to energize your Body and Mind. The Meditation also helps to get back in balance cause it bring all the spread out energies and make them flow like a river instead of having them in little streams. I am selling this product for US$ 29.97, but today I am giving it away for free to you with no obligations.  Its a 6 minute meditation absolutely easy to accommodate in your tight schedule and it great for beginners.
This meditation opens the channel to your life Force and makes it flow to you, Rejuvenating , Renewing and bringing  well being to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Meditation renewing Energies

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After you have downloaded it Please let me know your comments.
I wish you lots of Energy and Light.


Tessia Stanton  Campbell, New York
I started meditating 2 months ago with Anita’s 6 minute meditation. I was very happy, having many friends, activities, and hobbies, with no particular financial issues and studying like many other young people of my age. But was still looking for something greater than my actual life offered at that time. With Anita’s 6 minute meditation has taught me to relax, and enjoy the moment. Using this meditation allows me to open my heart and teaches me to take care of my soul as well as my physical body to live an amazing life. I have never meditated before, so I am so happy I found and use Anita’s meditation for my foundation and learning experiences to my new world of meditating. I am grateful!

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