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How do you Relate with money? 💸 Heal your money Flow

What is your relationship with money? How money makes you feel? How do you relate with money? How you value money? Why money is important? why it’s not important? Do you know the answers to all these questions?

Some people are very careful with money, some love spending, others love saving and some enjoy investing. Why does everyone have a different way of using money or how they manage their money are intriguing questions.  Most people learn these habits according to their bringing up, from their parents, caregivers and religious institution. From their surroundings.

I am Anita Vatvani a Wellness Coach and a speaker and every week I share ideas, tools and strategies to follow your Love, Happiness and Peace to be able to thrive in this game called “life”.

Have you ever come across people who think money is bad and having money can come in their way. Something like if I have a lot of money, I won’t know who really are my friends, everyone will ask me for money, I will be the black sheep of the family, I will be alone, won’t be able to grow spiritually and many more ideas attached to having a lot of money. Let me tell you a story of such a person.

Once a man who was looking for a master to help him gain enlightenment found a saint that he believed could help him. So, he requested the saint to help him with his enlightenment process. The saint agreed to help him and asked him to come back early the next day.

The man with some hesitation, told the master that he couldn’t come early the next day because the person who would pay for the taxi for him was busy in the mornings. This man had someone mange money because he believed money was bad and touching it will hinder in his enlightenment. And yes, because he believed in it exactly that is what was coming in the way of his enlightenment now.

We might laugh at the story, but we all have some belief about money. What we believe can get in the way and what we believe in, gets verified in our life.

 Some believe money is everything, others believe money is nothing. Some say “Money is the cause of all evil”. others say, “You have to work very hard to make money”. People also say, “You can’t make money the right way now a days.” “Poor people are more spiritual.” the way we perceive money goes on and on. We all have ideas and beliefs about money. And I assure you, whatever you believe in, you will find the evidence for it. Just like Google search if you are looking for dogs, you will find dogs, you won’t find cats.

So, what do you really believe about money?  Is it better, to have money or not to have money? Do you want more money or you don’t want money?  Can you live without money? Is money important for you? Do you respect or disrespect it? These are some of the questions we will try to explore today. So, do you know “How to relate with money.” having a healthy relationship with money will help you to have and live your ideal life.

Life is all about relationships, relationships with people, things, with work, with our favorite sports team, with sleep etc.

For many people, money is a real challenge. because We all use money, we always deal with money, it is an essential part of our life. We all have a future with it. Money is an inevitable part of our life. This can create a love hate relationship with money for most people. They want more but they are not happy with what they have. If they have, they don’t want so much.

Money is not the root of all evil in the world, there are many people who do good with money, what does get in the way and make it evil is greed.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate our relationship with money.

For a start decide, do you want money? or You don’t want money?

This will help you to know more about what you think and believe about money.

Now let’s evaluate the relationship you have with money. If you want you can pause the video and get a pen and a paper to write down your answers.

Here are 3 important questions you can ask yourself.

First question is What money mean to you? “What can money do for you?” What are you looking for with having or not having money?

If you are equating money to power, happiness, security, freedom, love, respect, self-worth. Then you are giving it more power than it has.

And if you are equating money as a weakness, as a disadvantage to you in your relationships, love, spirituality, humility, safety then you are undermining its importance. Money is only important as far as it considered a tool. Money is a means to an end. But money is not everything. Money becomes everything when you give money the power to define your worth.

Supposing your child goes to the kitchen and cuts his finger with a Knife. Then you enter the kitchen and use the same knife to cook an excellent dinner. Is the knife bad or good? Should you keep it or should you give it away? Knife is not good or bad, how, where and when you use it, matters. Not every time you enter the kitchen you need a knife to cook. It has its place. The knife makes cooking easy but if used in a wrong place it causes damage.

Similarly, money is just a tool that we use to get certain results. When we give it too much importance it becomes unattainable, if you do not give it importance it becomes an obstacle.

Is your self-worth associated with the money you have? or Do you associate money with experiences and comfort? Do you see it as a source or a resource?

The second question is, what I’m looking for, is based in fear or based in love?

It doesn’t matter if I am saving or spending, earning or investing, what is important is what my attitude is. Anything we want in life is based on a feeling; the basis of our wants, is to feel in a certain way. We are always trying to attract a certain feeling with, having what we want. whether its money, car, partner, children, friends, house, job… Whatever that may be. Ultimately what we are looking for is a feeling we want to feel by having it. So, the question is Am I making these decisions about money from love or from fear? Am I running away or am I going towards?

It’s very important to know if your relationship with money is one of fear or of love. Because whatever is your basis that will get magnified and come back to you. If you input love, love will get magnified and comeback to you. if your input is fear that will get magnified and come back to you. If you fear insecurity, discomfort or disconnect and that’s the reason you want money than you have a fear-based relation with money. if you associate money with comfort, experience and think it’s a resource then your relationship is love based. Positive energy attracts more of the same in your life.

The third question is “What is the intention of spending, saving, earning or investing this money?”

And this is very important, what is the intention behind wanting more money. do I want this money for the higher good of everyone or is my intention to get more money to hurt others? Over power others, or humiliate someone. if the money doesn’t serve for the higher purpose then you will be a servant to the money. Because you are giving it too much power. Remember that money is a means, not the end of everything.

 I am sure Today’s video has helped you to understand that having a good relationship with money can go a long way. Your attitude and energy in your relationship with money is very important to heal this relation, so money can flow to you easily.

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