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What is better optimism or pessimism? HOLISTIC approach towards life

Is the glass half full or half empty, this Psychological question has been a significant one. Difficult to define which way of looking is the correct one. So the question arises, What is better optimism or Pessimism? What serves me more, being a pessimist or an optimist?  People have different opinions of which one is better.

Today I will show you why either one is not helpful, one is not better than the other. Both are equally important. They are just 2 ways of looking at the same subject, and why a holistic approach is important.

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Have you ever experienced the psychology test which helps you know whether you are pessimist or optimistic? What did you find out? Let me know in the comments below. What do u think is better being optimistic or pessimistic? I’d love to know your ideas!

You know One of the popular ones is A White paper with a black dot. Have you seen that one?

If I ask you “what do you see?” What would be your answer? Black dot? White paper?

Many people will say I see the black dot some will say I see the white paper, and then the test concludes that the person who saw the black dot is a pessimist and that the one who saw the white paper is an optimist. But in reality, both are focusing on only half of what there really is. When you see only the black dot or only the white paper you are limiting your observation. Limiting what you are seeing. It’s only half the story, a half-painted picture. When you can see the White paper and the black dot on the paper, you are seeing the whole picture. You are seeing in a holistic way. It’s a white paper with a Black dot, now that can change everything for you. There is a big possibility for you to be able to do something with it. Because you are not omitting any part of what is. When you can see in a holistic way you can be creative and proactive. In case of the white paper with a black dot. You can use the black dot as the center of a flower and draw petals around it. Or you can use the black dot and draw a dog on the white part of the paper.  Why can you do this, you can do this because not only did you see the black dot you also saw the white paper around it. and not only did you see the white paper you saw the black dot on it as well. Now another thing which is true as well is If you have considered the whole picture you know that the paper has another side as well that can be used. The options are many only if we are ready to see the whole and not perceive only a part and get stuck. Similarly in life if you are only perceiving things as good or bad, only in parts and not as a whole, you will feel stuck, you will end up labeling everything as good and bad as positive and negative. You will try to avoid the bad and run away from it and try to hold on to what you labeled positive, maybe even run behind it to the point that you forget what and where you really are. This is a waste of energy, we are losing a lot of our energy resisting, avoiding, pushing and pulling, ignoring what is instead of accepting it.  Doing this will not let you be creativity in life. It wont let you live life to the fullest. You will be so occupied in Running away and running for, The obsession of getting this and rejecting that, that you will forget to enjoy the moment. Forget to live what is and be creative. You will be collecting Ready made happiness love and peace instead of using your magical powers to create them in the moment. We all have this magical power to create, we just need to stop believing that someone else has to do it for us. And know that we all hold this power within us.

In today’s Corona pandemic, you can see all the negative things that are happening or all the positive things that are happening. What the truth is positive and negative both is happening at the same time. It’s our choice what we opt to perceive.  How you label it will only make you feel uneasy or easy. But if you stop qualifying it as good or bad and think of it as a happening, an experience you will be peaceful. You won’t try to change it you will have a complete experience because you are not running away or running toward your preference. Then you will make the most of the experience, because you are present and aware.  You will be able to Transform the experience into something that you love and desire.

Now Imagine when you give a blank paper with a black dot on it to a small child. Children usually will tell you that the paper is dirty and that they need a new one.

Similarly when we see whats wrong in any situation we are being like that small child. We are getting stuck with what we perceive as an error. Most of the times people get stuck because they want things to be in a certain way and when they ain’t that way they throw away the whole thing. Instead of asking themselves what they can do with what they have. It’s called being resourceful, knowing what u have and using it for your own benefits.

To get a new paper is very easy, but what about life, is it easy to throw away old relationships and get new one. Is it easy to stop loving someone because they are not the same person you knew 20 yrs back. Can you have a spotless life, can we start from zero all the time, how will you undo what you have learnt in your life already, you can only rearrange or reprogram it to fit to the new situation, but you can’t erase it. The Holistic way teaches us to accept what is, so you can Transform it to meet your needs, instead of throwing away the whole thing and giving up.

So the question is “Are you going to be able to live a happier life if u are an optimist or a pessimist?

Positive and negative is a part of a circuit. Without both the circuit will not complete and energy won’t flow. The existence of the negative and the positive makes the energy flow through it , you can label them positive and negative but one is not better than the other. Both are needed.

I am sure this video has given you the clarity that labeling only makes us blind to the advantages and disadvantages of what is, and robs us of our creativity. The magic within us.

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